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Preparing for a visit

Preparing your cat for a visit

  • Not all cats like visitors coming into their territory, so they might run away or hide.
    We allow 30 minutes consultation time, within a 2-hour time slot, but regrettably, we are not able to spend this time playing a game of ‘hunt the cat’!
    So, before a visit we recommend that you make sure your cat is indoors and shut all doors and windows several hours before we are due to arrive. We will phone and/or text you when we are on our way, once you have heard from us, please try to contain your cat within a smaller confined area of your house, preferably with no way to escape. We do not mind working in unconventional places like toilets and bathrooms! If you can – provide an empty cardboard box or igloo-style cat bed, in case your cat would like to hide in it – we will still be able to perform a large part of the examination.
  • If you know your cat is likely to be particularly anxious, frightened, or reactive, please let us know in advance – pre-visit mild sedatives can be prescribed once one of our vets has seen your cat. We can arrange a reduced cost ‘Meet and Greet’ visit, or under special circumstances, a remote video consult for this purpose.
  • Please Note:
    A visit fee will still be charged if your cat is missing on arrival. 

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