Vet 2 Cat

At Vet2cat we understand how difficult it is to make the decision to have your beloved cat put to sleep

End of Life Care

When it’s time to say goodbye…
We are all pet owners and have been through this process ourselves, and we understand how you must be feeling. It can be an incredibly emotional and traumatic time for you and your family.
Because of this, having your cat’s end of life care performed in the privacy of your own home can make this sad time just that little bit less stressful, for you and your cat.
Vet2Cat can come to you at the arranged time, and you can rest assured there will be no rush. If your cat requires some sedation first to ensure a more peaceful passing, this is all included in the cost with no extra fee.
We use Pet Cremation Services, a reliable and very sympathetic company based in Newbury. If you would like to browse their services please visit
The term ‘Euthanasia’ comes from Greek words meaning ‘good death’
Our fees* for euthanasia at home during our normal working hours are as follows:
  • With making your own private arrangements such as home burial: £210
  • With cremation but no return of ashes: £235
  • With private cremation and return of ashes to scatter: £267.70
There are also many types of memorial receptacles including caskets, urns, photo frames, cushions and ornaments ranging in price from £10 to £160 which is added on to the private cremation fee above. We will carry a brochure of these, or you can choose one via
For our own safety, we can only provide end-of-life care outside of our normal working hours for registered clients. There would be the addition of a surcharge by time of day .
*These fees are for our Core Catchment Area only; please phone for a quote if you live outside this area
*A reduced fee is applied for cases we have been dealing with.

Palliative Care

No matter how old your cat is, there will come a time when the end of their life is expected. That may be due to a life-limiting chronic illness such as chronic kidney disease, or a more recent diagnosis, such as cancer.

Palliative care is essentially about improving the quality of the cat’s remaining life.

The quality of life of a being is often rather subjective, but there are some scoring aids that can be used to help you.

There are many different ones available, but our two favourite are these:-


 (NB, although a similar name, this is not made by us!)

Sometimes it helps to do a few different ones.


At Vet2Cat, we focus on a few clinical essentials when it comes to palliative care; for each one there are often simple solutions that when addressed can greatly improve the patient’s quality of life:-

  1. PAIN

This does not distract from the importance of the cat’s emotional and mental wellbeing, and why the QOL assessment tools include aspects of happiness and interest in favourite things to do.

If you need any further guidance, please call us (link to number). We can arrange a visit to provide an assessment.