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Dental disease affects up to 90% of cats and can be a significant cause of pain and discomfort


Dental disease affects up to 90% of cats and can be a significant cause of pain and discomfort, reducing quality of life. Cats hide pain very well, so just the fact that they are continuing to eat does not mean they are not suffering with the dental disease that has been noted.
What is the alternative to not eating? Its starving. In the long term, a cat’s drive to feed itself so that it does not starve will over-ride any reluctance to eat because of pain. They may eat differently, to avoid any painful areas in the mouth – such as gulping food down or chewing only on one side.
At Vet2Cat, we do dentistry well. Your cat will be the only patient booked in that day, so we are not rushing to finish to get somewhere else.
If you prefer, we can collect and transport your cat to the practice where the dental will be done, and of course bring them back afterwards!
We perform full mouth digital dental radiographs to assess every tooth, along with a thorough oral examination; descaling and probing around each tooth.
We use multimodal anaesthesia – meaning a combination of injectable pain killers, anaesthetic gas and dental nerve blocks. Some cats even need a constant infusion of additional drugs to ensure a smooth anaesthetic.
Extractions as required are performed, generally this is a surgical technique involving cutting the gums away from the bone and drilling away parts of the bone to expose the roots. It is fiddly, precise work that is very skilled, and time consuming, and we charge accordingly.
Any remaining teeth are polished, so they are clean and shiny!
We include a post-operative check-up visit in the costs as well as one oral care product for you to begin your cat’s oral care at home.
Depending on the duration of the whole dental work, costs can vary from £550 to £2500.