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Cat of the Month - November 2023 - Ladybird

COTM November 2023


We’re certainly running a bit behind with out COTM announcement for November! It’s nearly time for January’s!

Well, our winner for November, did feature on our Christmas card along with the 10 other COTM winners for 2023. For December we will pick an ultimate Cat of The Year 2023 winner from the eleven lucky COTM winners – watch this space!


Our winner for November is lovely little Ladybird!

Ladybird is a 15 & a half year old pretty tabby girl with the biggest roundest eyes you’ve ever seen!

When we started seeing Ladybird in 2021, we went in with quite a sense of trepidation – this being because her previous vets used to always do house visits and noted that she was very aggressive and they had to wear gauntlets and put a cat muzzle on her!!! EEK!

Now I’m not saying she welcomed us with open paws, but this was not an aggressive cat, just a very terrified one. Imagine every time you saw the doctor they strapped a blindfolding gag on your head and restrained you forcefully with rough leather gloves! No thanks!

So, with time, patience, respect, sometimes some pharmacological assistance, we have managed to establish a much better vet-patient relationship. Through all of this, we have picked up on a few issues with Ladybird – she had very high blood pressure and sadly this has damaged her eyesight somewhat, she also has kidney disease and some arthritis. We are monitoring her progress with fairly regular check-ups – and not a cat muzzle or gauntlet in sight (we don’t even possess these!)