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We have the knowledge to help with the common behavioural “problems”

Behavioural advice

First and foremost, we must declare we are NOT qualified as feline behaviourists. Please refer to this website if you would like to get advice from a specific registered and qualified behaviourist.
However, we do understand cats well! With years of experience with felines and advanced feline qualifications, we have the knowledge to help with the common behavioural “problems” we see in pet cats.
“Problems” is in quotation marks because whatever is going on is problematic for us, but for the cat/s in question it is absolutely what they feel is the right thing to be doing to help themselves.
If we feel the problem is beyond the scope of what we can do to help we will recommend a full referral to a behaviourist. Often, we are a good starting point for behavioural advice, with our fees being about 1/5th of those of certified behaviourists.

A behavioural consult (including pre-visit questionnaire to be filled in beforehand, 1 hour at your house or via remote video consult and a full written report afterwards) is £190 (core zone).

Here are some examples of some issues we have been able to help with:-

  • House soiling (urine, faeces or both)
  • Intercat aggression
  • Cat to human aggression
  • Extremely fearful/anxious cats
What’s really important for you as the owner to know is that behavioural “problems” are not quick fixes, that just having the consultation itself is not the cure, there will be work that you and other family members must do, it will take time and patience. Also, some issues cannot be ‘fixed’ in the way you may have in mind, if the cat’s environment and living situation are ultimately not what that particular cat requires.