Vet 2 Cat

Cat of the Month - March 2024 - Geddy


Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming, and the cats are enjoying the longer evenings, perhaps not enjoying the typical British springtime weather though!

We have made our way through all the rain and wind to see lots of lovely kitties, and this month we have chosen one to be our special Cat of The Month…


Cute and friendly black boy Geddy is probably around 12 years old. As a rescue cat its always hard to be accurate!

At some point before his current hooman, he must have had a run in with a car, as he has got a very squiffy feeling pelvis and hind limb, which does give him a bit of jip now a then. And despite his very friendly nature, he does have his limits – we had to resort to sedation in order to get some blood from him last year!

Our most recent visit was a relatively non-invasive one, just a check up to prescribe more flea and worming treatments for Geddy and his three amigos. Geddy went first, then hung around waiting for more treats to appear from our kit bag while the other three cats had their checks.

Our photo of Geddy probably doesn’t quite do him justice, but his hooman must have a stack of amazing photos, as she is a professional pet photographer! You can check out her work here