Summer Special Deal on Flea Consultations


Even with the lack of sunshine so far this year, fleas are starting to be more of a problem for many of our furry friends.

Although there are many ‘over-the-counter’ products available without a prescription which claim to treat fleas, many of these act as flea repellents only, or are so short-acting, the treated animal becomes re-infested quickly, with new fleas hatching out

Flea cycle of lifefrom the environment. Some products are even dangerous for cats if ingested.Older flea products which have been ‘demoted’ from POMV (prescription-only medication- veterinarian) also seem to be losing their efficacy. This is not unexpected; the fleas will evolve to develop resistance to the products over time.

There are quite a few novel flea treatments now available, but they all require a vet to prescribe them. As many cats are so difficult to get in the carrier and off to the vets, even just for a check up for flea provisions, Vet2Cat is running a special summertime offer.

To weigh and assess your cat so a POMV flea product can be safely prescribed, we are doing a reduced cost ‘flea’ consultation of £35 for the first cat seen at one household. If there are more than one, any additional cats will be £20 per cat.

The normal call-out fees apply – see under

If your cat is suffering from skin disease as a result of fleas and needs additional treatment for this, the standard consultation prices will apply.




The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

These apply to all animals in the care of humans, whether a house pet, a horse, farm or zoo animals:

  1. Freedom From Hunger and Thirst
  2. Freedom From Discomfort
  3. Freedom From Pain, Injury or Disease
  4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour
  5. Freedom From Fear and Distress

Purrfect Health Club

At Vet2Cat we offer monthly health plans to help spread the cost of your cat’s preventative health care.
Our range of monthly health plans have been devised to cover different cats’ lifestyles, ages and individual needs.
Read more about our Purrfect Health Club here.