Your Cat’s Health

Cat Registration with Vet2Cat

Please complete and submit this form to enable Vet2Cat to register your cat and request health records from previous vets.

Preferably a mobile number.

Please provide name, address and telephone contact information for the vet your cat was last registered with.

You must give your consent for previous clinical history to be sent on to Vet2Cat for your registration to be processed. Many thanks.


Your personal information and what we do with it:
You, the client, are the data subject. Animals are not subject to GDPR.

Vet2Cat will collect personal data from you upon registering as a client; this includes:

• your title,
• name(s),
• surname,
• address,
• e-mail address(es),
• telephone number(s),
• payment information
• pet insurance information

We will not routinely collect sensitive personal data, unless you specifically inform us about a health condition which you feel may affect the way in which Vet2Cat provides its service to you.

Vet2Cat also has a Facebook page and a website which you may use to supply personal data for the purpose of entering a competition or for contacting us. The privacy policy of our website is detailed at

Vet2Cat may also partake in promotional activity such as fayres and markets, where members of the public are invited to submit personal data as above for the purpose of further marketing and communication.

What is your data used for?

• to be able to provide the veterinary service to you
• to legally keep clinical records of veterinary treatment of your pets
• to log microchips of cats registered to you
• to inform you about special offers, other marketing areas, and communications such as newsletters or useful information about cat care
• to remind you about your cat’s vaccinations, appointments booked, or other treatments due
• to respond to any queries
• to notify you of any changes to our services
• to record any complaints and communications made about the complaint
• to process payments
• to process insurance claims
• to contact you about your pet, your account or credit
• to organise referrals to specialist veterinary centres
• to organise transfer of care of your cat to one of our associate practices or an emergency clinic
• to submit laboratory samples from your cat(s)
• to manage and process health plans, if appropriate
• to understand your needs and listen to your feedback via market research/analysis, customer polls and surveys

The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

These apply to all animals in the care of humans, whether a house pet, a horse, farm or zoo animals:

  1. Freedom From Hunger and Thirst
  2. Freedom From Discomfort
  3. Freedom From Pain, Injury or Disease
  4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour
  5. Freedom From Fear and Distress

Purrfect Health Club

At Vet2Cat we offer monthly health plans to help spread the cost of your cat’s preventative health care.
Our range of monthly health plans have been devised to cover different cats’ lifestyles, ages and individual needs.
Read more about our Purrfect Health Club here.