Cat of the Month – October 2020 – Sparky RIP :-(


Cat of the Month October 2020

October may be our last busy month for the year what with the second lockdown and December always being a quiet month in vet-world, but we have had plenty to choose from this month. We have selected 3 cats that have stood out to us with cheeky characters, cuteness and have touched our hearts, making our job a joy to perform.

The 3 finalists this month are Alfie, Mischief and Sparky, unintentionally all black +/- white, and the winner is…


WINNER – Sparky (RIP)

This story is very sad for me to write, as sadly, just days after we chose 16-year-old Sparky to be October’s winner, Sparky was showing signs of a declining quality of life, and that incredibly tough decision was made to release him for his mortal coil and send him on his way to Rainbow Bridge. Sparky came into the Vet2Cat fold this June, with a number of pre-exisiting conditions that were proving difficult to manage as Sparky was a bit of a pickle with oral medications. He had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism earlier in the year. His blood pressure when measured in clinic had still been running high, and his meds had been escalated.

Getting a BP reading from Sparky’s tail

Right from our first visit it was clear home-visiting was the way to go with Sparky, as his BP was a purrfect 126mmHg – a clear indication that the stress of visiting the clinic would sky-rocket his BP giving a false reading. We changed his thyroid meds to one you can wipe in the ear flaps, thus avoiding the hit-or-miss dosing of giving it in his food; plus a few tips on giving the BP tablets in various yummy things; some injections to supplement his low vitamin B12 levels; and also the addition of pain relief for his creaky joints and we had him running around the garden again! Over time vet Claire became concerned about his lack of weight gain despite stabilising the thyroid and other worrying aspects of his blood work so an ultrasound was performed. Unfortunately, masses in the tummy were found. Sparky still did amazingly well for several months on a concoction of medications and made his hooman spend loads of money on special food he would then then refuse to eat, as is the wont of the feline.


Our lovely Sparky-pants, we will miss you

When Emma and Claire visited him this week before lockdown, it was clear he was not doing that well anymore. The lumps in his tum were now a lot larger, and he’d developed another problem with a bunged up snotty nose on top of everything else. Making the decision to let go of our beloved cats is such a difficult thing to do. Ultimately, we love them so much and we don’t want them to suffer, it is the final act of kindness we can give to them.

“Grieve not nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you…I loved you so – ’twas Heaven here with you.”  Isla Pasehal Richardson



Runner up – Alfie

Alfie’s vet check

This 12-year-old black and white cheeky chappy was intrigued with our visit, having previously been rather difficult to get into the carrier and off to the vets. He tucked into the treats, loved the Pet Remedy spray, and

Waiting to be adored by passers-by

enjoyed cuddles. Alfie is a hit with the locals, he often sits outside the house when the local school kicks out, just to get some fuss and attention! We just love his beautiful markings on his face, so smooshy!





Runner up – Mischief

Mischief’s manky wound

Just purrfect for Hallowe’en, 9-year-old black cat Mischief proved to be quick to forgive. Despite us having to flush out a nasty wound on the top of his head, next time nurse Emma popped round to drop off his prescription he greeted her at the door, showing off how well the wound had improved!

Mischief’s Achilles’ Heel, we have discovered, is catnip. A little sprinkle on one of our bobbly blankets and he’s off

Mischief snorting some ‘nip

in his own little catnip-world!


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