Cat of The Month November 2020 – Luther


Cat of the Month November 2020

So lockdown number two has certainly put a holt to a lot of things that the Vet2Cat team could do for your purrfect pets. However we have seen a few and they have been very compliant with a bit of purrfect persuasion with tasty treats and comfy cuddles.

The 3 finalists this month are, Luther, Azrael and Izzy.


Luther on the prowl for food

Luther is a 10yr old gorgeous black and white boy who we visited for a routine check-up. Vet Claire found a lump over one of his canine teeth which she was concerned about as lumps can be anything from an overgrowth of inflammatory tissue, to something nasty (the big C!)  Luther’s hooman agreed to the removal of the tooth under general anaesthetic and we sent the lump away for testing- we highly advise getting lumps and bumps tested as there is such a variation to what they are, giving us all a clearer idea of what we were dealing with.  The results are in………

The lump was cause by severe infection of the bone, but no sign of cancer-  HOORAH!!!!

The lump was secondary to dental disease; both Luther’s top fangs were fractured. He also had calculus and plaque build-up on his other teeth which was cleaned up at the same time. Infection had tracked up through the fractured tooth and led to osteomyelitis – infection of the bone of the upper jaw.

Worrying lump above canine tooth
All gone!!

Luther is now doing very well enjoying cuddles and fuss from mum & dad and has been healthy and happy since his procedure. He was such a super star with everything he had to go through. That’s what pipped it to the post for him being our winner for November.

Well done Luther!


RUNNERS UP –  Azrael


Azrael pops on the scales for a weigh-in

Azrael was a new patient during November, his hooman was very worried about a skin condition that just seemed to be getting worse, but with lockdown in place getting him to a vets was proving difficult. His owner decided she wanted a vet to come to see Azrael at home, as he was very scared of being put in a box and generally going to the vets; fortunately, she found us on Google.

When we turned up for the visit, this very chilled beautiful 5kg ginger boy was happily sat in his cardboard box on the stove in the kitchen. He had lots of fuss from us in his box and we managed most of the examination with him staying where he was to reduce any further stress of handling.

He loved the nurse constantly feeding him Dreamies and giving him lots of strokes to keep his mind of what the vet was doing/looking at. He also had to have a sample of the affected areas taken, so we calmly placed a towel over him and the nurse gave him a cuddle whilst the vet took a sample.

He was a star patient considering he hated travelling to the vets and being handled. His mum and dad were over the moon with seeing the difference in him with everything he had to have done.



Floofer Izzy hinting that its dinner time

Izzy is also a new patient with us in November and was rehomed back in August by the Second Chance- Portsmouth Cats Charity, so was relatively new to her forever home.

She’s approximately 13yrs old and absolutely beautiful, with her very soft, fluffy black and white coat. As you may notice from the picture, she has very small, rounded ears which have been removed at some point in the past. This is called a Pinnectomy (removing the ear tips). We don’t know when this was done but normally this operation is done to treat skin cancer of the ears, which is quite common in white-furred cats.

Izzy was a bit sceptical about 2 strangers paying her such close attention, but with lots of fuss and treats from our nurse Emma, vet Claire managed to give her a good check-over and clip her claws.






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