The winner of cat of the month goes to the handsome Mr Boris. Boris is a gorgeous ginger boy who loves dreamies and is slowly being won over by nurse Ally who has a thing for the gingers!

Boris has had a tough time lately. He went to see the wonderful team at Anderson Moores after we found that some of his liver enzymes were high and that his pancreas and liver showed some abnormalities when we scanned him.

This means that his beautiful coat had to be clipped and his sister is taking the mick out of him something rotten. We’ve told him to keep his head high, he’s still a handsome chap and his hair is growing back.

Thankfully Boris’s condition can be managed with a change in diet and he will be fighting fit in no time.

Our wonderful runners-up are Oz and Kitty-May

The beautiful semi senior chap Oz is a very special little man. Vet2Cat looks after both Oz and his brother Paul.

This tabby dude started to feel the aches and pains like most senior cats with arthritic changes. Unfortunately, Oz also had advanced kidney disease so choosing the appropriate pain relief was vital.

Oz has a monthly injection of Solensia; nicknamed ‘The Go Faster Jab’ by the Vet2Cat team, which is making a huge difference to his quality of life.

Oz decided that wasn’t enough for his owner to worry about, so threw in a bout of anaemia too!

However, Oz has certainly bounced back from this, enough to give nurse Emma a cheeky slap after his last visit.


Kitty-May the black and white beauty is also one of Vet2Cat’s senior patients. Kitty-May can get very nervous around strangers so the Vet2Cat team were happy to help ease those worries.

In her late teens Kitty-May has quite severe mobility issues, accompanied by dental disease and some gut issues.

With the help of diagnostics, such as blood samples and a full clinical work up, Kitty was able to be treated with the right medications and is now on the road to a full recovery. Another one of our patients receiving the Go Faster Jab, she has found a new lease of life!


The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

These apply to all animals in the care of humans, whether a house pet, a horse, farm or zoo animals:

  1. Freedom From Hunger and Thirst
  2. Freedom From Discomfort
  3. Freedom From Pain, Injury or Disease
  4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour
  5. Freedom From Fear and Distress

Purrfect Health Club

At Vet2Cat we offer monthly health plans to help spread the cost of your cat’s preventative health care.
Our range of monthly health plans have been devised to cover different cats’ lifestyles, ages and individual needs.
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