Your Cat’s Feline Friendly Nurses

Emma Hawkings RVN,
Dip Advanced Feline Psychology, Cert Feline Friendly Nursing

…a trend began to show: I became known as the mad cat nurse, the cat whisperer, and the go-to nurse for grumpy cat handling! 

I didn’t realise my calling to the veterinary profession until I was in my last year of university studying a completely unrelated subject. Once my mind was made up – my life was all about animals – I relentlessly applied to practices for a trainee position until one of them finally gave in. I worked as a nursing assistant for many years, and then one practice finally agreed to let me do my nursing qualification. In 2005, I graduated from Sparsholt College and this is when my journey began.

I worked in general practice, for charity organisations and spent many years at a referral hospital. Through all this work, a trend began to show: I became known as the mad cat nurse, the cat whisperer, and the go-to nurse for grumpy cat handling! 
I never grew up with cats, it was always dogs, and yet I found I had a natural affinity with our feline friends. I found them exceptionally fascinating.

I started my cat journey. While I was in general practice, I used any funding to continue gaining more feline knowledge. I completed the Advanced Feline Psychology Diploma with a distinction; I was eager to get inside knowledge of the cat’s brain and behaviour. With this qualification, I used my knowledge to help cat clients solve behavioural problems at home. I still wanted to enhance welfare and create an emotionally calming experience for cats on their inevitable visits to the veterinary surgery, so I went on to do the feline friendly nursing course which I used to help practices adjust environments and implement techniques to manage cat stress. During my time in general practice, a colleague and I founded a cat sitting service: taking care of the needs of feline companions so their owners could relax on holiday. We are fortunate this business is still thriving seven years on.

Emma pictured with Goose. “In my spare time, I can often be found riding my pony or snuggling with my cats on the sofa when I’m not chasing my two little guys around!”

As soon as I had my own home, it’s never been without cats, and it’s never been just the one! I live in the New Forest, where I get to share amazing walks with my young boys, husband and two dogs amongst the beautiful New Forest animals. 

When I learned of Vet2Cat, I was very excited and was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work with our feline buddies in their own homes, alongside a very caring and knowledgeable vet! 

Holiday and sickness cover nurse

Ally Waidson RVN

I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2011 and have spent the last four years working in referral hospitals. I live in Southampton with my husband, two dogs (Mister Nando Brown and Wilson) and two cats (Dexter and Ripley). I am currently studying towards a diploma in canine behaviour and will be starting a feline behaviour course in the near future as I’m really interested in behaviour and psychology.
In my spare time, I am an avid reader and I like to bake and crochet. I also still like to travel as much as I can and take advantage of friends and family living in warmer climates!
During my travels I have volunteered with Mission Rabies in Goa, helping to vaccinate and neuter the street dogs and I’ve lived on the island of Kos near Greece and on Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Ally was fundamental at the launch of Vet2Cat, but is now concentrating on her own businesses of dog training, pet setting and district nursing. Ally still steps up to help out in times of need!

Nurse Ally pictured here with one of the menagerie Ripley. 

The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

These apply to all animals in the care of humans, whether a house pet, a horse, farm or zoo animals:

  1. Freedom From Hunger and Thirst
  2. Freedom From Discomfort
  3. Freedom From Pain, Injury or Disease
  4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour
  5. Freedom From Fear and Distress

Purrfect Health Club

At Vet2Cat we offer monthly health plans to help spread the cost of your cat’s preventative health care.
Our range of monthly health plans have been devised to cover different cats’ lifestyles, ages and individual needs.
Read more about our Purrfect Health Club here.